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The following link is for the Headway's Web Page Dedicated to Richard. They add - Richard sadly passed away in 2014, so to honour his memory his son set to work re-printing and sharing his father’s book of poems.
'Reflections of a Chair Man'

Edited from the Preface of Richard's Book  - Richard P. Eason.
In 1983 a motorcycle accident left me with a severe brain stem injury. Five years on, after many courses of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and all sorts of rehabilitation I have regained the use of about a third of my body, mainly on my right side. This is just enough to allow me to live a reasonably independent life in a ground floor council flat. I have a terrific home help, who comes to clean and cook and generally set me up for each day during the week. She is the backbone of my support. I also have a small nucleus of loyal friends who lend a hand, when I need it. I depend on an electric wheelchair for my mobility and can't move about the flat without it. It takes an hour to get out of bed and get dressed and most of the tasks I perform are on that time and effort scale. I'm fairly weary at the end of the day, but it's worth it to have my precious independence.

Between 1983 and 1988 I suffered all sorts of traumas. As a way of release I started to write simple poems based on my experiences and my peculiar sense of humour helped me too, the highs and lows are reflected in the poems.  Having accumulated quite a collection over a period of time the thought occurred to me how comforting it would have been had I been able to read something like this in some of my darker moments. To know someone else had been through similar circumstances and survived to live in a more acceptable situation. So I decided to put a book together in the hope that if it got published it might help others treading the same rocky path. Also to try to give the able bodied a small insight into our world and with luck promote better understanding, to laugh and cry with us as fellow human beings.

Selections of Richard's 'Reflections' will be extracted from his book and featured in SCAN's future newsletters