SCAN actively encourages new members, to share and promote our objectives and meetings are open to everyone. Membership is open to any person or group who support the objectives of SCAN. There is a membership fee of £5 per person or voluntary organisation.

If you wish to become a member and/or make donations to SCAN please contact our Treasurer on  for further information.
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Over the next 12 months I will be revisiting some of the organisations and people that have been featured in SCAN’s newsletters over the last 30 years.

There will be serialisations such as extracts from the advertising campaign, on behalf of Leonard Cheshire Disability, that was launched on line at and in print in November 2007. Then in January 2008 the campaign was launched on tv and radio with the intention of changing attitudes towards disability.  Based on the Aardman Animations‘ Creature Comforts series, the ‘Creature Dis Comforts animations have the voices of disabled people describing, in their own words, the negative attitudes and barriers they experience. Each animation ends with the message “Change The Way You See Disability.
The characters were; Brian - English bull dog, Flash – ‘Sausage’ dog, Slim – Stick insect, Spud – Slug, Peg – Hedgehog Tim – Tortoise, Millie – Mouse, Roxy – Rabbit, Callum – Chameleon, Ozzy – Owl, Cath – Cat, Sonny – Shrimp

The first of the special issue newsletters was sent out at the end of February for March 2022. For future issues any contributions will need to be submitted no later than 24th of the preceeding month. Space in the paper newsletters will be limited, but anything I can’t include each month will still be entered on our web site.

Some articles that were written by former members, and still have some relevance for people in the disabled community today will be included. One of our blind former SCAN members gave his ‘light hearted’ thoughts on the seemingly haphazard distribution of lamp posts in 1994.  He said "I imagine a day, far back in the mists of time when a great bird had flapped its way lazily towards its nesting site after it had been scavenging and had collected some rather tasty seeds. However, it had over-filled its beak and consequently seeds dropped at random and in the fullness of time they grew into fine young lamp posts".

Another former member of SCAN and a regular contributor to SCAN’s early newsletters, had sustained a severe brain injury in a motorcycle accident.  During his recovery he documented his feelings and thoughts as a form of therapy, and they were compiled into a book in 1988. Some, he later updated for SCAN’s early newsletters and wrote new pieces through the 1990’s

Former SCAN member Darren Swift was injured by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in Belfast in 1991, which resulted in both legs being amputated above the knee. While he was still recovering in the rehab centre he says ‘I realised I had a stark decision to make – put my chin on my chest and do nothing or pick up my chin and get on with life and whatever may be in front of me’.

Now an Actor in productions ranging from Sci-fi to War, comedy and emergency Casualty Simulation. He’s an Ambassador for BLESMA and a volunteer for the Not Forgotten Association where he mentors other injured service personnel. He is an active Adventure sportsman, primarily as para-sport snowboarder where he is working with others to develop special bindings for other double, above knee, amputee snow boarders.

Anyone who has a connection with disability is welcome to send me their comments on any of the articles published or to send me details of your own experiences. If necessary, I can anonymise any stories. Either email me on, fill in the ‘Contact SCAN’ form on this page or visit the Forum Page on this web site and post a new 'Discussion'.

Digital Image of TNL CF LogoSCAN is also celebrating after being awarded £3,406 in funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK.
We will be able to use the funding to cover the printing and postage costs of our monthly informative newsletter during our 30th Anniversary year. This new National Lottery funding will gives us the opportunity to include more information for people in the local community who do not have access to or are unable to use computers. The printed newsletters are distributed to all local libraries and community centres, other voluntary groups and residential addresses as well as electronic copies to local organisations and service providers.

We continue to hold virtual meetings and as it’s our Anniversary Year, we are hopeful that some of SCAN’s former members, will be able to ‘drop in’ to future meetings, to introduce themselves. Please Join US to meet THEM. Details for joining the meetings can be obtained by contacting or by visiting the S P S C D Forum web page