Throughout the lock down period, we shall be running a live stream, video uploaded and zoom workshops 

Dramatize is a disability arts Charity and CIC, providing a range of theatrical provisions to help further the personal development of adults with learning disabilities. 

Our services act not only as a leisure activity but as a platform for individuals to socialise with other peers and to learn valuable life skills inspiring independence for a lifetime of creativity. 

We work with different levels of ability, providing care and support, to ensure that our services are accessible to all. Dramatize encourages our students to believe in themselves, to develop and achieve the unexpected.

Dramatize runs Pathway course daily, 9am-4pm, along with Evening workshops and events.

Dramatize has 2 venues at Ashford and Shepperton, Middlesex, Surrey. We have 3 vechiles , 2 that are wheelchair friendly, enabling us to access activities in the local community. 

Contact 07912183085 / for more information