What we do  
The aim of the Surrey Coalition is to campaign and promote the rights of disabled people to have equality of opportunity and to live independently. This means influencing the policies, strategies and services which impact on the lives of disabled people to make them better and more accessible for everyone. 

We work closely with the Disability Empowerment Boards which aim to empower people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities, and those with HIV and Carers too, to participate, shape and influence decisions about the development of new services and service strategies – locally and county-wide. The Boards will also challenge others to ensure that services developed reflect the Social Model of Disability.

What we offer  
The Surrey Coalition would like everyone who supports the rights of disabled people to join and have an opportunity to go to meetings about things that affect them. We will organise transport to these meetings. If you are a carer you can also be a member. 

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Disability Empowerment Network (DEN) - North Surrey & Surrey Wide