Active Planning Applications – SCAN's Chairman's Comments

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Also Statutory guidance - Access to and use of buildings: Approved Document M  
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Comments on any active Planning applications are listed below.  
Application Number: 20/00101/FUL Poundland, 95 - 99 High Street, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4PQ
Proposal: Ground floor extension to existing retail unit to rear of site. Erection of 4 no. additional storeys towards rear of site to provide 7 no. flats. Conversion of first floor and roof of existing 2 storey building to front of site to provide 2 no. flats. Creation of raised communal landscaped areas at first floor. Erection of first floor access lobby to residential accommodation.

Objection: Comments: As a car-free scheme, accessed via a cobbled lane, the flats are effectively inaccessible to disabled people and wheelchair users due to the remoteness. Even though the flats in the new rear block have a lift (stated as complying with 'Part M') the distance to the entrance negates the benefit of this

Application Number: 20/00052/FUL: Inglewood, Green Street, Sunbury  on Thames, TW16 6QB
Proposal: Conversion of House of multiple occupation (HMO) to 8 residential flats involving extension and alteration to front and rear with associated parking, refuse storage and amenity space.

Objection: Limited access has been provided to ground floor flats and access to the first floor flats is only by means of staircase. The second floor appears to have been retained as storage and if for residents will be of limited accessibility. Given the extent of works intended it would not be unreasonable for the applicant to provide access and suitable facilities for disabled people and wheelchair users to at least the ground floor flats.

Application Number: 20/00051/FUL The Pavilion, Gaflac Sports Ground, Green Street, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 6QG
Erection of 5 dwellings with associated parking and amenity space following demolition of existing pavilion building

Representation: Comments: The drawings include information on Plot B, a separate plot with a separate planning application. The internal layouts of each house fail to provide facilities for wheelchair users.

Application Number: 19/01676/FUL: The Fordbridge Centre, 91 Clarendon Road, Ashford, TW15 2QA
Erection of single storey front extension to existing building and remodelling to entrance lobby.

Objection:  The loss of the 'accessible' parking bay is of concern, particularly as many of the users of the day centre are likely to have a disability. Rather than the loss/reduction of such a bay, additional bays should be considered

Application Number: 19/01663/FUL:  Land At Station Road, Shepperton, TW17 8AU
Erection of single detached house with associated forecourt parking and integral garage.

Objection:  With the only access to the house via flights of steps, the design does not ensure the dwelling is accessible to or adaptable for wheelchair users. The design should incorporate a suitable short-rise lift.

Application Number: 19/01567/FUL: Florida Court, Station Approach, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4LZ
The erection of an additional floor to create 4 x 1 bedroom units and 5 x 2 bedroom units, replacement of windows and the creation of 2 additional car parking spaces.

Objection: Not one of the new flats is accessible to disabled people. The scope for the new flats being even visitable is restricted due to the poor layout of existing staircases.

Application Number: 19/01552/FUL: Kingswood , Towpath, Shepperton, TW17 9LL
Erection of detached dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling and garage

Objection: As a result of the new house being raised for protection against flooding, it is not accessible or adaptable for disabled people. Re-design of the entrance to incorporate a short rise lift would be appropriate

Application Number: 19/01534/FUL: 37A French Street, Sunbury On Thames, TW16 5JL
Proposal: The erection of 3 x 1 bedroom dwellings and 1 x 2 bedroom dwelling, with associated parking and amenity space following demolition of existing building.

Objection:  None of the houses is 'visitable' by a disabled person due to the omission of wcs on the ground floor and the stepped approach from the communal area. In any event the long access way, with the need to pass parking places, would restrict access for disabled people, particularly wheelchair users.

Application Number: 19/01529/FUL: 10 Station Approach, Ashford, TW15 2QW
Construction of a third floor to create 1 no. flat within a mansard roof and other associated alterations (including alterations to fenestration and addition of parapet wall at second floor).

Objection:  The new flat is neither accessible nor adaptable for disabled people. The staircase arrangement results in the flat being very difficult for a disabled person to even visit

Application Number: 19/01459/FUL: Rear Of 11-13 Elmsway, Ashford, TW15 2SH
Proposal: Erection of a detached 3 no. bedroom dwelling with associated access

Objection: The design and access statement states that the house is designed in accordance with Requirement M4(1) of the Building Regulations and as such is only intended to be 'visitable' by disabled people. This is the lowest possible standard and the house is not intended to be accessible by wheelchair users. Consequently the design does not satisfy the Equality Act 2010. (01/11/19)

Open for comment: SCAN representation not yet recorded

Application Number: 19/01447/FUL: 55 - 57 Poplar Road, Ashford, TW15 1EJ
Proposal: Proposed demolition of existing bungalows and the erection of 2 x 3-bedroom dwelling and 3 x 2-bedroom dwellings with associated car parking, landscaping and amenity space

Objection: The Design and Access Statement submitted with the application misleadingly states that the buildings will comply with Part M of the Building Regulations, However those regulations in fact contain three options and it is evident from the planning application drawings that the proposed layout of plots 1, 2 and 3 can only conform with the lowest category of being visitable. Those plots do not meet category 2 as they are not designed to be accessible and adaptable. As a consequence the development will not satisfy the Equality Act 2010 (01/11/19)

Open for comment: SCAN representation not yet recorded

Application Number: 19/01419/FUL: 23 Shepperton Road, Laleham, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 1SE
Proposal: Erection of a first floor rear extension with a first floor balcony and stairs to the rear with spiral staircase, and internal alterations to the ground floor unit.

Objection:  The front entrance appears to have a step and under the Equality Act this should now be eliminated. Access to the re-positioned toilet is less satisfactory due to the creation of a narrow lobby area.

Application Number: 19/01330/FUL: 133 Laleham Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 2EG
Proposal: Erection of new two storey building, including rooms in the roof space, to provide 4 no. 1 bedroom flats with communal amenity space and off-street parking following demolition of existing detached dwelling.

Objection: Access to the building is restricted for wheelchair users by virtue of the narrow side passage and the lack of a lift to flats 3 and 4. The flats do not satisfy the Equality Act 2010. The proposed parking options show disregard for the Highways Act and propose 'pavement parking' or car manoeuvres requiring use of the footpath. In addition, both constitute a hazard to visually impaired people and wheelchair users. (13/10/19)

Open for comment:  SCAN response recorded

Application Number: 19/01297/FUL: Headline House, Stanwell Road, Ashford, TW15 3QH   
Proposal: Erection of 4 storey building to provide 14 flats consisting of 7 no. 1 bed and 7 no. 2 bed with associated parking and amenity space following demolition of existing commercial building.

Objection: Access to every flat within the development requires access via a flight of stairs (other than Flat 1 which also has a steep car ramp.) Internal layouts are not suitable for disabled occupants. A lift should be provided to all floors as stairs are only acceptable under Part M of the Building Regulations if 'lift access cannot reasonably be achieved'. With new build this cannot be justified. As a consequence the design has not been undertaken in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and the completed building would not satisfy that Act. The flats do not meet the lowest standard of the Building Regulations. (13/10/19)

Open for comment: – SCAN response currently not recorded

Application Number: 19/01288/FUL: 73 Thames Street, Sunbury On Thames, TW16 6AD  
Proposal: Change of Use from Offices (B1) to Non-Residential Institution (D1) and Advertisement Consent for the installation of 2 non-illuminated fascia signs and 1 non-illuminated hanging sign

Objection: Beyond the 'planning statement' the planning application does not include an indication of proposed room uses. There are currently three kitchen areas, two of which are substantial. The current use of the building appears to be described incorrectly; The proposed treatment areas are likely to be inaccessible to disabled people and the means of satisfying the Equality Act 2010 must be demonstrated. Unless a lift is installed flexible treatment arrangements need to be made for disabled people, particularly wheelchair users. Level access needs to be confirmed at the front entrance. (13/10/19)

Open for comment:  SCAN response recorded

Application Number: 19/01146/FUL: 119A Feltham Road, Ashford, TW15 1AB  
Proposal: Alteration to shop front fenestration

Representation: There are no drawings available on which to comment. As the shopfront is being modified the Equality Act 2010 requires that accessibility for disabled people is provided. (25/10/19)

Open for comment: Still no drawings published and SCAN representation not recorded

Application Number: 19/00954/FUL: 1 Willow Way, Sunbury On Thames, TW16 6BT    
Proposal: Erection of a detached two bedroom bungalow raised above ground level, with parking beneath and associated access and amenity space

Objection: With access to the habitable accommodation via a staircase, the dwelling is unsuitable for disabled people, particularly those reliant on a wheelchair. The dwelling does not conform with the Equality Act (30/07/19)

Open for comment: – SCAN representation recorded

Application Number: 19/00796/FUL: Forum House, 14 Thames Street, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4UD   
Proposal: Removal of existing structure on the roof and replacement with a 3-storey extension to provide 11 flats

Objection: The proposed 4th floor plan shows a lift, extending up to the 6th floor, which is not shown on the existing 4th floor plan. it is therefore appropriate to demonstrate how this lift relates to lower floors. The flats have not been designed to be adaptable or suitable for wheelchair users.
The parking arrangements are inadequate to satisfy the needs of disabled people. There are no disabled parking places provided. Access between parking spaces and the building appears to require the use of a staircase and, in any event, is of excessive length. There is no indication how access is provided to the lift for residents and visitors either arriving by car or directly from the highway. (22/06/2019)

Open for comments: – Revised drawings submitted 29/10/19 but no evidence of SCAN comments