COVID Special Newsletters Issued in 2020

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Coronavirus Special Issues  
Disability Rights UK (DRUK) – News In Brief
Government Urged To Protect Those With Sight Loss
Face Masks From Coffee Filters
Surrey Coalition Virtual Events
TV Licence News:
Message from Chief Executive Surrey Community Action
Knitting for Keyworkers (Surrey and Sussex)

Disability Rights UK (DRUK) – News In Brief
Supermarkets Urged to Talk to Disabled People
NHS Roadmap To Safely Bring Back Routine Operations
Inclusion Scotland - Survey Of Disabled People
Coronavirus: The Meaning of the Five Alert Levels
Coronavirus: Warmer Weather And The Spread Of Covid-19
Staines Shopmobility – Service Updates
Whitelodge Services Status
Coronavirus: Loss Of Smell Or Taste Added to List Of Symptoms
Connectivity Issues - Choosing Between Income And Education
What Happens To Our Bodies When We Go Without Touch?

Disabled People 'Being Judged For Trying To Shop Safely Coronavirus – Covid19 - Tell Us How You’ve Been Affected
Disability Rights UK (DRUK) – News In Brief
COVID-19-Related Concerns Affecting Well-Being
Incapacity And Disability Benefit Claimants Feel Hard Hit
Disabled Living Uk - Safer Use of Walking Frames
Staines Shopmobility – Service Updates
Coronavirus: 5 Tests To Meet Before Relaxing Lockdown
How The Deafblind Are Coping With Social Distancing
Adult Social Care – News In Brief 

Disability Rights Uk (DRUK) – News In Brief
Staines Shopmobility – Changes to Service – Coronavirus
A Message From Post Office Chief Executive, Nick Read
Post Office To Make Cash Access Easier For Self-Isolators
Surrey Coalition Of Disabled People - News In Brief
‘Blue Light Serenade’ Surrey Hospitals Join ‘Clap for Carers’
Supermarkets Launch Volunteer Cards

Please Stay At Home – Runnymede Beat (Surrey Police) Report
Mobility Sector Identified As 'Key Workers'
Staines Shopmobility – Changes to Service – Coronavirus
Staines Town Centre – Essential Businesses - Opening Times
The Freecycle Community And Covid-19 –
Beware - Courier Scams
Covid19 And The Rights Of Disabled People
Details of Local Food Banks
Care Home Worker Rejected for Queue Skip at Tesco
Adult Social Care – News In Brief 

Scams Advice From National Trading Standards,
Coronavirus – (COVID19) - Tell Us How You’ve Been Affected ,
Advice for Car Owners/Drivers If You Can’t Use Your Vehicle,
Surrey County Council Community Helpline,
Surrey Matters - Managing your waste - Coronavirus pandemic.,
Updates On Surrey County Council Services,
AGE UK – Surrey - Coronavirus – (COVID19) Service Information,
Every Mind Matters – Mental Wellbeing - Staying At Home,
Staines Shopmobility – Changes to Service,
Staines Town Centre – Essential Businesses - Opening Times,
Surrey Coalition Virtual ‘Walk and Talk’,
Surrey Coalition Virtual Café,
Virtual Reality (VR) Brings Support To Isolated Communities,
Elmbridge, Runnymede & Spelthorne Talking Newspaper,
How Are People Who Need Carers Supposed To Self-Isolate?