Like so many, Thrive is having to adapt quickly to the public health challenges of coronavirus and the impact they are having on the therapeutic needs of our client gardeners.  Many of them rely on us to provide vital social care which plays a lifeline in maintaining their health and wellbeing, and some are naturally fearful that coronavirus could leave them more isolated and vulnerable.

This crisis has hit us hard, but we believe our message about the health and wellbeing benefits of gardening is even more relevant in these stressful times, and we are working hard to tell as many people as possible about them. For all of us the immediate future is uncertain but please be reassured that Thrive is determined to come through this crisis in a position to carry on improving the lives of our client gardeners.

At Thrive, we consider our relationship with our customers, Thrive Licensed Practitioners, other Thrive setting staff and Thrive trainers, and supporting the work we all do with children and young people, as paramount.

Thrive has been using social therapeutic horticulture and gardening to change people's lives since 1979. We are dedicated and passionate about the health benefits that gardening and spending time in nature can bring. 

Contact Thrive London. c/o Parks Office, Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, London. SW11 4NJ.  Telephone: 020 7720 2212 Email: