Welcome to our new online forum.
Local Organisations with an involvement in Disability Issues are welcome
to attend any of the Spelthorne Physical, Sensory and Cognitive Disabilities Forum meetings and present a report to the Forum.

We Consult With Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey County Council on local issues such as;
 Pedestrian Crossings
 Pedestrian/Cycle Shared pathways
 Disabled Access to buildings, shopping areas, countryside and leisure services

Tell Us about:
 pavements that are being obstructed either by badly parked vehicles or overhanging trees,
 crossing points that need dropped kerbs
 buildings or services that are not accessible
So that we can further improve access to facilities and services for all members of our community in Spelthorne.

2020 Newsletters

November 2020

Disability Rights Uk (DRUK) – News In Brief Surrey Community Action News You Don’t Look Sick: ‘‘My Lungs Are Broken But People Don’t Think I Am Disabled The Shielders Turning The Word 'Vulnerable' On Its Head

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January 2020

Supermarket Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse Survey Supermarkets Failing To Provide Fully Accessible Toilets Restrictions for Parking at St Peter’s Hospital Chertsey. You Don’t Look Sick: ‘I Won’t Let Haemophilia Define Me’ Blind Comedian Relates What Happened When He Woke Up In An Unfamiliar Room

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February 2020

Wooden Spoon Children’s Charity Of Rugby NHS Parking Fees Changes From April 2020 Give Your Views - Possible Changes To NHS Walk-In Services Simple Energy Advice Heating Your Home, You Don’t Look Sick: I’ve Realised That Living With A Disability Is Not Embarrassing’

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March 2020

New MS Society Report – PIP Fails You Don’t Look Sick: ‘People Think I’m A Hypochondriac Because I’m Young’ DWP Loses Challenge Of High Court Decisions Pegasus Card Scheme – Surrey Police DWP Axes Review of PIP Claims Universal Credit will ‘SteamRoll’ Vulnerable into Poverty BBC Review Cuts to Red Button Text Service Supermarket Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse Survey

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2020 COVID Newsletters

COVID Special Issue - April 2020

Scams Advice From National Trading Standards, Advice for Car Owners/Drivers If You Can’t Use Your Vehicle, Virtual Reality (VR) Brings Support To Isolated Communities, Elmbridge, Runnymede & Spelthorne Talking Newspaper, How Are People Who Need Carers Supposed To Self-Isolate?

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COVID Special Issue - April 2020 - (2)

Please Stay At Home – Runnymede Beat (Surrey Police) Report Mobility Sector Identified As 'Key Workers' Beware - Courier Scams Covid19 And The Rights Of Disabled People Details of Local Food Banks Care Home Worker Rejected for Queue Skip at Tesco

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COVID Special Issue - April 2020 - (3)

A Message From Post Office Chief Executive, Nick Read Post Office To Make Cash Access Easier For Self-Isolators ‘Blue Light Serenade’ Surrey Hospitals Join ‘Clap for Carers’ Supermarkets Launch Volunteer Cards

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COVID Special Issue May 2020 - (4)

Disabled People 'Being Judged For Trying To Shop Safely COVID-19-Related Concerns Affecting Well-Being Incapacity And Disability Benefit Claimants Feel Hard Hit Disabled Living Uk - Safer Use of Walking Frames Coronavirus: 5 Tests To Meet Before Relaxing Lockdown How The Deafblind Are Coping With Social Distancing

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Archived Newsletters

News December 2019

Supermarket Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse Survey Restrictions for Parking at St Peter’s Hospital Chertsey. The Community Equipment Service - Consultation Cruse Bereavement Care – North Surrey Volunteers Long Term Neurological Conditions Group (LTNC) Fireworks and Pets - Guide Dog survey 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Guide Dogs For The Blind Extracts from the Disability Rights Newsletter – Accessibility at Work Survey, Disabled Cyclists Survey, Join The Conversation On Rare Diseases London Irish – Downs Syndrome Activity Sessions article content / subjects on your website.

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News - November 2019

Cruse Bereavement Care – North Surrey Volunteers ‘You Don’t Look Sick’ – I’ve Got Type 1 Diabetes Boy Told to Leave Wheelchair to Access Legoland Rides Supermarket Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse Survey Equality & Human Rights Commission Make Stand Against Inaccessible Public Transport More Funding For Changing Places Toilets Adult Social Care Briefing incl - ASC Commissioning Intentions 2019/20 - Updated Send Action Plan - “We Are Surrey” 2019 Social Value Event And Recognition Awards Hear Here Drop In Hearing Aid Clinics Autumn Dates Dramatize – Get Online

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News - October 2019

Disabled People Deserve Respect More Than Once Every Four Years Cruse Bereavement Care – North Surrey Volunteers Dramatize – Get Online PLEASE Ask Before You Give Me A Push The Millennial Women With Arthritis Baywatch Results 2019 - 1 In 5 Bays Is Abused SCAN Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse Survey

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News - September 2019

Man Believes Playing Piano Slows Effects Of Parkinsons Free Community First Aid Training - Action For Happiness - Exploring What Matters Course ‘You Don’t Look Sick’ – Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) Dementia Awareness Workshops - Spelthorne Upgraded Service For Bus Users In North Spelthorne CRUSE Bereavement Care – North Surrey Volunteers Taxi Driver Taken To Court For Refusing Guide Dog Festival Organisers Change Policy For Disabled Gig-Goers

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