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Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse

Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) organised a different version of their last Blue Badge Bay Abuse survey in August 2020 and August 2021 because of the COVID pandemic.

They asked the public to complete a survey from home and were asking questions on more general parking experiences. This allowed DMUK to expand the scope of the campaign to other parking settings.

We have ans online survey relating to the abuse of Blue Badge space that can be completed asking for your general experiences of parking for the past 12 months.  Please make sure that you enter start and completion dates. If you wish to have a paper form then either email your details  to info@spelthorneaccess.org.uk or send a text message to 07859 639025 (Please Note our New Number) and we will send a survey form with an SAE for its return.

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Comments on Articles Published in Newsletters

Your comments are welcome on the content published in any of our newsletters or if you have anything new to add, please post on this discussion thread or start a new thread

'Pavement obstructions in Spelthorne (e.g. seating and signage)'

The placement of seating, tables and other objects on footpaths creates hazards for visually impaired people and obstructions for wheelchair users. Please Contact SCAN on info@spelthorneacccess.org.uk

By their very nature A-boards obstruct pedestrians from being able to move in a straight line along the pavement. For information about the guidance in Surrey please visit the Surrey County Council (SCC) web site using the following link www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/permits-and-licences/new-and-temporary-signs/guidance-for-placing-advertising

If you find advertising that does not comply with the guidance provided by SCC or would like to clarify if advertising would be allowed, please contact SCC using our advertising board obstructing the highway form. www9.surreycc.gov.uk/HighwayIssue/whatistheissue.aspx?&code=HO

If you think the situation is an emergency please call Surrey County Council on 0300 200 1003.

Reports & Information for Spelthorne Physical, Sensory and Cognitive Disabilities Forum meetings

Local Organisations with an involvement in Disability Issues are welcome  to attend any of the Spelthorne Physical, Sensory and Cognitive Disabilities Forum meetings and present a report to the Forum.

We Consult With Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey County Council on local issues such as;
 Pedestrian Crossings
 Pedestrian/Cycle Shared pathways
 Disabled Access to buildings, shopping areas, countryside and leisure services

Tell Us about:
 pavements that are being obstructed either by badly parked vehicles or overhanging trees,
 crossing points that need dropped kerbs
 buildings or services that are not accessible

So that we can further improve access to facilities and services for all members of our community in Spelthorne.

Post a new 'Discussion' here,  or email your news or reports to info@spelthorneaccess.org.uk