Surrye Coalition 2022 ImageThe local groups and support networks play a vital role in enabling disabled people to maintain a sense of connectedness to other disabled people and local residents. The groups can also provide very practical support to enable opportunities to participate in social and community life and leisure/cultural activities.

Administration and management of the Disability Empowerment Network (DEN) meetings is arranged by the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People (SCDP)

For more information, please contact: or Tel/SMS 07492 249 513 for details of how to participate in meetings remotely.

All Empowerment Meetings Are Held Via Zoom Unless Otherwise Noted

Surrey Wide DENS all starting at 6pm - online only
Monday 18th March 2024
Monday 20th May 2024
Monday 23rd September 2024
Monday 11th November 2024

Surrey Wide DENS daytime with breakout rooms for the different areas. Online only.
Friday 15th March 2024 1.30-3pm
Tuesday 21st May 2024 11-12.30pm
Friday 20th September 2024 1.30pm-3pm
Tuesday 19th November 2024 11-12.30pm

Members are requested to only come to either the daytime or the evening Surrey wide meeting.

East DENS in person at 10.30am - Monday 18th March 2024
South West DENS in person at 10.30am - Wednesday 15th May 2024
North DENS in person at 10.30am - Monday 9th September 2024