• Blue Badge Parking Bay Abuse

    Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) have organised a slightly different version of their original Blue Badge Bay Abuse surveys since August 2020

    They asked the public to complete a survey from home and are asking questions on more general parking experiences.

    This has allowed DMUK to expand the scope of the campaign to other parking settings.

    The survey results have that participants did not think that local authorities were doing enough to tackle Blue Badge abuse.

    It also showed that Blue Badge holders are hardly ever  having their blue badge inspected by an official.  Most participants supported more inspections of Blue Badges.

    SCAN are sending out a call to local Blue Badge holders to report back their own experiences and how the pandemic altered your usual parking experiences.

    We have an online survey that can be completed or if you wish to have a paper form then either email your details  to info@spelthorneaccess.org.uk or leave a voice message or text at 07859 639025 (Please Note our New Number) and we will send a survey form with an SA Envelope for its return.