Community NewsSCAN's newsletters are issued monthly.  They are distributed at the end of each calendar month and include Information that has been collected in the month prior to issue from various sources that report on disability issues.

Paper copies are distributed to public hubs such as community centres and libraries in Spelthorne Borough, and some local community groups and organisations and sheltered residential accommodation addresses. 

If you would like to join the mailing lists for either an electronic copy or a paper copy, please send an email with your contact details to or send a tex message to 07859 639025 

Spelthorne Borough Council

The newsletter was originally published as a booklet until 2002 when the printing costs became too high and postage costs soared after the privatisation of Royal Mail's services and it was then published 'in house' until 2018 when it was designated as a 'project' and funds were sought from local funding schemes.  An application for funding was made for 2020, but because of the pandemic restrictions, this was postoned our anniversary year of 2022-23.  However, in the interim period the pandemic had changed the way that the newsletters were being read by the visitors to the public hubs that they were distributed to.  The post pandemic demand exceeded all previous year's expectations. Future demand remains unpredictable as the second year gets underway from April 2023.  Additional sponsorship for the project will be required if the project is to continue after March 2024 as costs continue to evolve.  Membership subscriptions are available to any individual or organisation interested in supporting SCAN and the newsletter project – please use the contact options below for information.

We started to hold Hybrid meetings where people can attend 'in person' at the Goddard meeting room at the council offices and via Zoom. Details for joining the meetings can be obtained by contacting  or by visiting our web site 

We continue to receive monthly updates from the Adult Social Care Information Team and twice monthly weekly updates from Disability Rights UK (DRUK).  Paper copies of these bulletins are now distributed as enclosures with the booklets.

Current News

News Documents Now Held Off Line

The forum meeting bring together service providers and users to influence the solutions to any problems or access issues encountered by people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. We receive reports from a number of local groups and service providers.