Message from SCAN’s Chairman - Do You Have Problems With Furniture Obstructing Pavements In Spelthorne? -
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Did you know that the licensing of outdoor seating, tables, barriers, umbrellas, and other paraphernalia on pavements and footways is the responsibility of Spelthorne Council?

Were you aware that a ‘pavement licence’ may be required?

The licensing process for permitting furniture to be placed on pavements and pedestrianised areas was streamlined in 2020 to enable food and drink premises to obtain a ‘pavement licence’ within 7 days. A licence is approved unless public consultation raises concerns.

SCAN Has Raised Legitimate Concerns In Many Cases but has rarely been able to influence the Spelthorne Council’s licensing team to request changes to layouts. A significant amount of furniture is now placed on our footways and pedestrianised areas daily, creating obstruction and trip hazards, apparently without inspection or enforcement. Some furniture has been deemed by the Council not to require a licence.

For many people outdoor eating and drinking areas create an obstruction and, in some cases, trips and falls. Disabled people, particularly wheelchair users and those with visual impairment, may have to avoid areas cluttered with furniture.

This Is An Unacceptable Situation.

SCAN continues to monitor applications. Many licence applications are renewals and are exactly the same as the previous submissions made during the 2020 Pandemic restrictions.  3 However the Council approves all pavement license renewal applications since no complaints have been made on the numerous obstructions.

Why Hasn’t The Council Received Complaints?  

If you do find outdoor pavement seating and associated street furniture to be an obstruction, hazard or even just a nuisance, please complain to Spelthorne Council Licensing team, using their contact information, below.

Unless You Complain The Situation Will Get Worse.

Telephone: 01784 444295
Please send a copy of your complaint to SCAN.

20:05, 07 Dec 2022 by Lesley Windle