Edited from the Preface of Richard's Book 'Reflections of a Chair Man' Richard P. Eason.
I decided to put a book together in the hope that if it got published it might help others treading the same rocky path. Also to try to give the able bodied a small insight into our world and with luck promote better understanding, to laugh and cry with us as fellow human beings.

Selections of Richard's 'Reflections' will be extracted from his book and featured in SCAN's future newsletters
A Different Wavelength
Unease was written all over his face,
he hadn't seen me before in a chair.
We used to play squash and have fun together,
now trepidation filled the air.

I don't know who suffered the most,
it was hard to hide the distress.
He couldn't think of anything to say
and I tried too hard, I guess.

My voice had reduced to a whisper,
I could tell he hadn't caught a word.
He smiled awkwardly and nodded,
he wouldn't have if he'd heard.

So, we kept up the charade for a while
both praying it would come to an end,
when it did, he left in a hurry,
and I never saw him again.

He's yet another painful aspect,
a part of what's been lost.
I must keep counting my blessings,
not waste time, counting the cost.