Edited from the Preface of Richard's Book 'Reflections of a Chair Man' Richard P. Eason.
I decided to put a book together in the hope that if it got published it might help others treading the same rocky path. Also to try to give the able bodied a small insight into our world and with luck promote better understanding, to laugh and cry with us as fellow human beings.

Selections of Richard's 'Reflections' have been extracted from his book and will be featured in SCAN's future newsletters. Richard died in 2014, and his son shared his father’s book with Headway who provided a link to the book from their website https://www.headway.org.uk/. Electronic versions of Richard’s book can be viewed on the Headway website.
Yes, I'm a dreamer, so what?
I've got both cheeks firmly on my chair.
Sometimes it’s nice to be somewhere else, in another land far out there.

We all need to enjoy our dreams
of walking, driving cars.
Anything and everything is relevant
depending on who or what you are.

Isn't it funny that dreamers
become visionaries when they do?
Enough to make their life a success
and make their dreams come true.

So, if I appear to be miles away,
indulging in some optimistic scheme,
I may be thanking the man in the sky
for the reality of one of my dreams.

Then of course there’s our fantasies,
the sort best kept in our heads,
cos if it ever came out
what we were thinking about
we'd get a hard slap on the leg!