Edited from the Preface of Richard's Book 'Reflections of a Chair Man' Richard P. Eason.
I decided to put a book together in the hope that if it got published it might help others treading the same rocky path. Also to try to give the able bodied a small insight into our world and with luck promote better understanding, to laugh and cry with us as fellow human beings.

Selections of Richard's 'Reflections' have been extracted from his book and will be featured in SCAN's future newsletters. Richard died in 2014, and his son shared his father’s book with Headway who provided a link to the book from their website https://www.headway.org.uk/. Electronic versions of Richard’s book can be viewed on the Headway website.
When we are out and about
and you're pushing me in my chair
if you ever have to leave me
don't park me by the stairs.

It makes me very envious
to see them being scaled,
I took it all for granted
‘til my legs began to fail.

I promise to scream outside the shops
if I'm left with the prams & babies,
it’s just about as humiliating
as being dumped by the door of the ladies.

Please don't leave me facing a wall
like a naughty boy in class,
or somewhere where I'm continually cursed
because nobody can get passed.

What I need is a quiet bar
where I can catch the Tender's eye,
enjoy a nice peaceful pint
and watch the world go by!